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QUIZ: Can you name the Everybody Loves Raymond A-Z?

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ARobert's girlfriend/wife
BRay's last name
CRobert is a_______ (not an)
DSampsky II is Robert's ___
EWho loves Raymond?
FThe family's priest (official title)
GRay's friend
HRobert's father in law
IBarones' nationality
JRobert's work partner
KThe war Frank fought in
LDebra's mother
MRay's favorite athlete (Boxer)
NNewspaper Ray writes for: New York ______
OIn the basement is Ray's home-______
PThe cookie lady who beat Ray up
QRay and Alli both ____ piano lessons
RRay and Robert's combined dating personality
SRoberts Italian girlfriend
TMarie cooks a ____ turkey for thanksgiving
ULocation of Robert's bull injry
VRay's 'lucky' car is a ______
WDebra's father
XRay's toasters read Merry _____ instead of Christmas
YRay wins 'Sportswriter of the ___'
ZPopular destination with the kids: The Happy ____

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