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An underpaid employee has an accident in the work place and is not given health insurence by the company he works for. (On the Condition of Labor)Pope Leo XIII, May 15, 1891
A rich family passes a homeless man on the street without paying attention to him. (On the Reconstruction of the Social Order)Pope Pius XI, May 15, 1931
A teacher teaching at a catholic school refuses to teach the story of Adam and Eve because she believes so strongly in the theory of evolution. (Christianity and Social Progress)Pope John XX III, May 15, 1961
The U.S. makes a peace treaty with russia, but before signing it, Russia sells there nuclear missiles to Iraq. (Peace on Earth)John XXIII, April 11, 1963
A little boy lives with his mother, who is out every night, and looks after himself when she leaves for many hours at a time. (The Development of Peoples)Pope Paul VI, March 26, 1967
A man who calls himself a devoted Christian decides that he is faithful enough, and it isn't necessary to go to church every week, just once in a while. (A Call to Action)Pope Paul VI, May 14, 1971
A man is paid 5 dollars an hour, 100 hours a week, and is laid off one day, recieving a check for $350. (On Human Work)Pope John Paul II, September 14, 1981
A teenager lives with his parents, who have no religion, and never gets the chance to learn about Christianity. (On the Social Concerns of the Church)Pope John Paul II, December 30, 1987
A boy in his Christian Discipleship class has to do 12 hours of service a semester, but puts no effort with the bare minimum. (The Church in the Modern World)Vatican II, December 7, 1965
A young man has an exam the next day and tries to cram, his roomate comes home and gives him a copy of the test, which the young boy decide to use it. (Charity in Truth)Pope Benedict XVI, June 29, 2009

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