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The only molecule that has the ability to form molecules that are large, complex, and diverse
An old misconception that a life force exists outside of chemical and physical law
The synthesis of _______ _______ in laboratories from only pure elements, not derived from living organisms, led to the eventual fall of vitalism
Carbons unique property of _______ allows it to act as an intersection point where a molecule can branch off in up to 4 directions
_______ are not commonly found in living organisms but are key organic molecules
The source of carbon for all organic molecules found in organisms
An isomer that has two of the same atom or group on opposite sides of the molecule
The middle carbon in an enantiomer
Number of hydrocarbon tails on a fat molecule
The components of organic molecules that are most commonly involved in chemical reactions
The primary energy-transferring molecule on a cell
Functional groups are _______ and increase the solubility of organic compounds in water
A functional group that has acidic properties. An example is acetic acid
This group can help stabilize protein structure and resembles a hydroxyl group in shape

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