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can you get the song from the lyrics
The sound is on the visions move the image dance starts once again
face in the window in the night, caught for a second by the light
The turbine cracked up, the buildings froze up, the system choked up
And just after my eyes start seing, after all the pain
We were so young, we were too vain, dance in the dark sing in the rain
Rejected and alone, a heart without a home
Weeping for the memory of a life gone by
Voices ringing in their heads, their crashing hands in time
He tells the same old story, A thousand time he's read that story loud
The music is weaving haunting notes, pizzicato strings
can you get the song from the lyrics
Emotion driving all the time ,a burning need for things not mine
Give me an inch and iIll take the best of it
We could see a fall as a martyr understands
We stumble blindly chasing something new and something sinfull
Forcefull and twisting again, wasting the perfect remains
Your rising sun shall rise again
Will force and misery, be the life you have to lead
And you sit and smile when the akward silence falls
Your propaganda touched my soul
Your pushing so hard that the worms wont be turning

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