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Can you identify the Disney character based on their last words?

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'Sanctuary! Please give us Sanctuary!'
'Come on bear, come this way!'
'Brother, help me!'
'You'll be fine, [main character].'
'Someone has to help.'
'It looks like you're out of ideas.'
'Take care of them...'
'So much for true love!'
'Evangeline like that too...'
'I've won!'
'This has all been really entertaining, but the party's over...'
'It is I, [character's name], the humble thief!'
'Say hello to Mr. Arrow for me.'
'I promise!'
'And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!'
'I'll do anything, anything!'
'You'll think twice before messing with [character's name]!'
'I feel a little fluuuushed....!'

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