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DefinitionVocab word
only phospholipids are amphipathic - true or false
pure phospholipid bilayer adheres less strongly to water than the surface of a biological membrane does - true or false
method used to split the phospholipid bilayer
membranes is held together primarily by _______ interactions
what lipid acts as a 'temperature buffer' for the cell membrane?
insulin in the pancreas is secreted into blood by...?
cells recognize each other by binding to _________ on the plasma membrane
most of these proteins are transmembrane
water molecules move across membranes by a transport protein called...?
allowing some substances to cross easier than others
phospholipids surrounded by water form into what
DefinitionVocab word
phospholipid heads
phospholipid tails
membranes do this when they cool
more unsaturated hydrocarbons make the membrane more...?
Membrane carbohydrates are usually short, branched chains of fewer than 15 sugar units: true or false
Polar molecules can dissolve in the lipid bilayer of the membrane and cross it with ease: true or false
Solute concentration and membrane permeability must be considered in this concept:
A cell is in a ______ solution if it loses water to its environment.
A cell is in a ______ solution if it takes in water excessively.
What is the main electrogenic pump of plants, fungi, and bacteria?

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