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Forced Order
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According to Sheldon, how much pasta is enough to feed one person?
What was the nickname given to Penny by her father?
When Raj is working with Sheldon what atomic mass number does he propose?
What is the name of the episode when Sheldon first says 'BAZINGA!'
What two skills has Sheldon learnt from the internet?
/What dish does Sheldon order whilst the rest of his friends are in Vegas?
Where does Sheldon start his explanation of physics to Penny?
Who does Sheldon want to put at the top of the christmas tree?
What Journey song do Sheldon and Leonards mother sing together?
Sheldon is 'the master of his own.......'?
What did Sheldon attempt to detect at the north pole?
Who did Howard have a crush on when he was 14?
What magazine does Raj appear in?
How does Sheldon organise his breakfast cereals?
What is Sheldons favourite amino acid?
Name one of the 4 characters that the group dress-up as, to go to Pennys party
What soup does Sheldons mother make for him when he's sick?
What beverage is Raj drinking when he first discovers he can talk to women?
What book does Sheldon use to help him make friends?
With enough start-up capital who does Sheldon claim he could be?

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