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 i didn't mean that
 no need for a life story!
 i've got a golden ticket
 i we're all this, but in a good way
 they use their noses to shower (eeeeww)
 baby you're a ....
 ooh my favorite lesson
 be careful, its contagious
 don't get stung
 letters or music?
 Is there such thing as a manbug?
 i'll climb, as long as i don't get cold
 please, call me nicholas
 all in sync
 carry me please
 I can drive!
 just a little bit. just a little bit _._._._._._._.
 they're meant to fly!
 I need a dentist
 Ctrl & U
 let's take a photo
 id like to call randy to the stand
 come on, its obvious
 tomorrow today will be ....
 just read it backwards......

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