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no lyrics
'still afraid of the light'
' a generation persecuted endlessly exterminated by the nazi war machine'
'Why was it only in death Were you redeemed'
in the cd the 1:36 pause
'this was the first oficial single off of the 10000 fists record'
'a killer walks again let free by evil men'
'see the dogs come running smelling blood now'
'mother earth will show her darkest side and take her toll'
' i have never experianced before such excuisid suffering'
'i cannot begin to describe the hunger i feel again, run if you intend to survive
I am now, an instrument of violence I am a vessel of invincibility I cannot leave this undecided
Death's images are all around again They're right behind me They're going to find me Judgement for the immortal sin That have enveloped me completely

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