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QUIZ: Can you name the The vowelless single season home run leaders since 2005?

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Vowelless PlayerFull NameHome Runs (Year)
Ryn Hwrd58 (2006)
Js Btst54 (2010)
Dvd rtz54 (2006)
lx Rdrgz54 (2007)
ndrw Jns51 (2005)
Prnc Fldr50 (2007)
lbrt Pjls49 (2006)
Ryn Hwrd48 (2008)
lx Rdrgz48 (2005)
Ryn Hwrd47 (2007)
Dvd rtz47 (2005)
lbrt Pjls47 (2009)
Drrk L46 (2005)
Crls Pn46 (2007)
lfns Srn46 (2006)
Lnc Brkmn45 (2006)
Vowelless PlayerFull NameHome Runs (Year)
Ryn Hwrd45 (2009)
Mnny Rmrz45 (2005)
Mgl Cbrra44 (2012)
Jrmn Dy44 (2006)
Mrk Rynlds44 (2009)
Js Btst43 (2011)
Crts Grndrsn43 (2012)
Jsh Hmltn43 (2012)
Mrk Txr43 (2005)
dwn ncrncn42 (2012)
Trvs Hfnr42 (2006)
lbrt Pjls42 (2010)
Jm Thm42 (2006)
Crls Bltrn41 (2006)
dm Dnn41 (2012)
Crts Grndrsn41 (2011)

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