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Can you name the Active MLB Player's Name Hidden Among These Sentences/Phrases?

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Forced Order
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PhrasePlayer Name
My friend and I will be climbing up to Alpaca Hill tomorrow.
There was great joy centered around the boy.
Will somebody peel the master's onion please?
These are my Godchildren, do not pay any attention to them.
Have your vitamin or there will be no pudding for you.
The kids love to roll inside the house.
I bought a new belt randomly, and it wasn't the right size.
My friend had a huge zit on his forehead.
PhrasePlayer Name
Will somebody make the grill ignite?
The new project will be to remodel a barber shop.
I was told he doesn't want a hug, he's contagious.
Whatever you do, do not let the infant exit the building
The evil man had a psycho smerk across his face.
Come here guys, I gotcha cinnamon buns from the bakery.
Who was the victor in our little game of baseball?
There was a nasty gnat hanging from a spider web on the wall.

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