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QUIZ: Can you name the SLU Billikens teams by the top 5 scorers?

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Top 5 ScorersYear (ex. 20XX-XX)Coach
Kwamain Mitchell, Willie Reed, Cody Ellis, Christian Salecich, Brian ConklinRick Majerus
Reggie Bryant, Josh Fisher, Chris Sloan, Tom Frericks, Izik OhannonBrad Soderberg
Dwayne Evans, Kwamain Mitchell, Cody Ellis, Mike McCall, Jordair JettJim Crews
Marque Perry, Josh Fisher, Chris Sloan, Anthony Drejaj, Kenny BrownBrad Soderberg
Ian Vouyoukas, Kevin Lisch, Tommie Liddell, Anthony Drejaj, Danny BrownBrad Soderberg
Mike McCall, Brian Conklin, Dwayne Evans, Kyle Cassity, Jordair JettRick Majerus
Maurice Jeffers, Marque Perry, Justin Tatum, Matt Baniak, Chris HeinrichLorenzo Romar
Kevin Lisch, Tommie Liddell, Kwamain Mitchell, Willie Reed, Barry EberhardtRick Majerus
Marque Perry, Jason Edwin, Drew Diener, Chris Braun, Kenny BrownLorenzo Romar
Brian Conklin, Kwamain Mitchell, Cody Ellis, Dwayne Evans, Mike McCallRick Majerus
Kevin Lisch, Tommie Liddell, Luke Meyer, Danny Brown, Barry EberhardtRick Majerus
Tommie Liddell, Kevin Lisch, Ian Vouyoukas, Luke Meyer, Dwayne PolkBrad Soderberg
Reggie Bryant, Izik Ohannon, Ian Vouyoukas, Anthony Drejaj, Dwayne PolkBrad Soderberg

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