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Can you name the Facts about the band Green Day ?

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Who is the lead singer/guitarist of Green Day?
What was the band's name before Green Day?
How many drummers has Green Day had?
Who is the bassist of Green Day?
What Green Day song was played on the last episode of Seinfeld?
Who is the drummer of Green Day?
What is the drummer of Green Day's real name?
Who is the oldest member of the band?
What is Green Day's first studio album?
Second studio album?
Third studio album?
Fourth studio album?
Fifth studio album?
Sixth studio album?
Seventh studio album?
Eighth studio album?
What are the names of the albums in the album trilogy? (not yet released)
Which CD went platinum over 16 times?
What is the name of the CD that is mostly b-sides and covers?
What song does the lead singer/guitarist of Green Day say is mostly about his life?
What Green Day CD is the musical based off of?
What role did the lead singer/guitarist of Green Day himself play in the musical?

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