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Can you name the people or things from The Crucible?

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What is the setting?
Who is the playwright?
Prayer said in the last scene of the movie
Year in which play takes place
Who said, 'He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him.'
Person accused who is the first accused of witchcraft
Who gave Elizabeth Proctor a poppet (doll)?
Who is accused, but is ultimately set free because of becoming pregnant?
Who runs away at the end and is also the first to accuse someone of witchcraft?
Who dies a death by being crushed by heavy stone
Who is accused of being the devil and lechery?
Who is accused of being a witch and accused of killing goody putnam's unborn children?
Who is very outspoken and doesn't believe in witchcraft, but is eventually accused?
One of the three people hanged at the end of the play
One of the three people hanged at the end of the play
One of the three people hanged at the end of the play
Who said, 'Because it is my name!'
What is a heat resistant container in which metals are melted or fused at high temperatures?

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