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I wish they'd cure the friendly neighbors of the disease which makes them haters.
Someone is bound to notice that we don't blend in no matter how hard the bartender tries
Who said I was original? Who said I was allowed? To write as if I really write, to sing as if I really sing.
I lie down here until I die. I'm so sorry for telling stories.
Time went by and they got older, skies got higher, and days got colder
You cannot see and you cannot hear, even in your ear
I always knew it was coming this way, was coming this way. I always knew a big boat would come and take me away.
Lately all my friends clip their teeth with nail clippers; they want them much straighter, much nicer, more even
Sweet, sweet forever, I'll comfort myself in my next life.
Don't say goodbye like you're burying him, 'cause the world is round and he might return.
England, oh England, never forsake me. Won't you take me to have and to hold?
I stayed in love with you, you're just falling in love with me, and darling you know that ain't right
Even then, you'll probably always miss him. He will visit in your dreams.
You with your street-walking shoes and your street-walking eyes, I see nothing wrong.
When I woke up I ran and bought it, and I locked it in my closet
Dear someone listening in the shadows, I only talk to you sometimes.
And then I think I know, but then I know I don't, and then I think I should stop thinking and go to sleep
So I keep dancing with this dead weight around my ankles, and it thickens every time I turn away
You were wearing rags, I was wearing pointe shoes. I tried to lay next to you, but you hit the snooze
He quickly stared down at the floor and shuffled in his boots. Aw, he was out of there so fast.
I am cute, but I'm not in a band. Where's my band, where's my band? Where's my amplifiers?
Come downstairs, I'll put flowers in your hair. Won't you forgive me now?
Stop right now, now's the time to let go. Stop right now, now's the time to break free
She spots a stranger in the mirror and the record spins her nearer to the outcome of her day
Tell me what you told me again and I might believe you next time. Maybe give it another try.
And it's alright if we don't let the others make the last calls. The fact that they own us shouldn't deter us at all.
After all, children being born into a time of searching for some glory.
There'd be Regewish and Registian and Reguslam and Reguddhist and Regathiest, but they'd still be friends
One was the poet's love, one was the poet's laugh, one had a fire in her breast, one was the poet's eyes
But something inside me lets go of the banister, tumbling I tumble down towards the corridor.
And a letter from Michigan is sitting on my desk, and I remember one thought but I forget all the rest
As an adult, no one can stop you from getting your hands dirty while walking home alone.
Let's go to the movies, I will hum you a song about nothing at all.
All their descendents are long buried and gone, and their closest blood relative works in a Philadelphia Sears.
Go in circles 'round the bend until we are just friends again, and then not even that.

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