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I wasn't born a beauty queen, but I'm okay with that
Sunday dreamers end up last, fixing holes in sunken past
You're a traffic light of fire, you're a man who I believe will never die
You promised to take me on a carnival ride, but your ring-a-rosey shot that through.
Oh, but I bleed for someone to believe me and see what I see
But when that sun comes and that wind slows, I'll meet you there
Has our autumn died? Help me find you again
Stand up, little darling, I've been told to stand up and fight for living strong
I've got you in my heart, to make this all harder
Doused in the petals of the rose, touched by the sun of gold
Well, I got some roses at the door, but who are they from and who are they for?
You left, you left me on a Monday, so now I'll bury you on Sunday
And tomorrow feels like yesterday. I cannot live this way; I'm sorry, darling.
If I'd only known about rainbows, lollipops, and love as the cure to a Cinderella story working fine
And I won't say a word, but you'll know I've been hurt by the lines that keep burning my face.
Gatekeeper, I am down on my knees; I need your keys to free my stranger.
Don't matter what my reasons are, I still do love you
The year goes by, and I bleed the same. Will I tell my son your vision fades?

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