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Fun FactStateExtra Info
First Log Cabins
Coca-Cola First Bottled
Tallest Building In the U.S.
First Parking meter
The worlds Smallest Park
The Most Diamond Mines
Only Rollerskating Museum in the World
Home of the Indy 500
The Driest State
Smokey Bear National Park
First Presidential Inaguration
Longest Underground Cave in the world
Register of the Dessert
Home of Mark Twain
Where Poultry Started as a Major American Industry
Grasshopper Glacier
Shortest and Steepest Railroad in the United States
The Eastern Most Point in the Lower 48
Largest Natural, Indoor Warm Water Pool
America's first Electric Traffic Lights
Largest Production of Maple Syrup in the U.S.
Geographical Center of North America
The Most Telascopes in the World
Home of the Oldest Rock ever Found
Fun FactStateExtra Info
First American Cookbook
State with the Most Crayfish
Home of George Washington Carver.
State With the Most Coastline
Rainbow Bridge the Worlds Largest Natural Stone Bridge
Luna Rover
Where Helium was Discovered
Home of the General Sherman Tree
Virginia Dare the first English Person Born in America
Longest 'Main Street' in America
Americas First Tea Farm
Home of Americas 'Cereal Bowl' - Battle Creek
Only Royal Place in the United States
Home of the First magazine in America
Spacecraft Launchings from Cape Canaveral
The invention of the Typewriter
Only Full Length Statue of George Washington
The Largest Golden Nugget
First Drive-in Movie Theater
Home of the first World Series
The Girl Scouts
NASA the Headquarders for All Space Projects
First Umbrella Factory in the U.S.
Artificial Rain Used to Fight a Forest Fire

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