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On the West Side of the Bitteroot Mountians
The only state with I-4 Running Through it
The Third Largest State Capitol
Home of the Badlands
Where the Skies are so Blue!
Home of the World's Tallest Living Things.
This State Used to Occupy Maine
Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain
Home of the Largest Golden Nugget
The Greenest BluegrassYou'll Ever See
Arches National Park
Between Georgia and North Carolina
Home of the America's Largest Aquarium
The Least Populous State
State With the Only Diamond MIne in America
I am Being Chased by a Lobster ...... Hey, a Lighthouse!
You Would Thind The Red Hot Chili Peppers are from Here
Home of Bob Dylan
The Space Needle
Home of Bridge City, Also Known as Rose City
Home of Mount Vernon
Racecars and North of the Ohio River
Stretches from Arkansas to Colorado
Farms, Forest, and a Huge Bridge
Where Poultry Became a Major Industry
Home of Ben and Jerry
The First State on the Delmarva Peninsula .... Literally
Home of America's Tallest Building
The Vegas of the East
Home of Dunder Mifflin Paper
North End of the Long Island Sound
East of the Connecticut River
Wheat Fields, Red River, Cold, Just Over 600,000 People
Let's Make a Bet that you Can't Guess this State
Farms, Hills, Between America's Longest Rivers
The Eastern Most State in America
As Far as America can get from New England
Cowboys ..... George Bush
Nascar, Historic Planes
On the Other Side of the Mason-Dixon Line
America's Sixteenth State
Home of the Largest Manmade Monument in America
Coal and Coal Mines
Corn Farms, Flat, The Platte River
Birthplace of Oprah Winfrey
Home of Glacier National Park
Home of the Most Populous State Capitol
......Well There are Alot of Sunflowers Here

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