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QUIZ: Can you name the answesr to these questions about Napoleon Dynamite?

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How old does Napoleon say Kip Is?
What State Is Napoleon From?
What School does Napoleon go to?
What is Napoleon's uncles name?
Who left all her 'crap' on Napoleon's Porch?
'What is Napoleon's llamas name?
What state is Lafawnduh From?
Who Plays Napoleon Dynamite?
Who becomes class president?
Napoleons uncle wants to go back to what year?
What does Napoleon need Kip to bring him when he calls home?
What is Napoleons Favorite animal?
What does Napoleon eat During Class?
Where does Napoleon say he went to visit his uncle during the summer?
What game does Napoleon play by himself?
Napoleon claims he has what kind of gun?
What did Napoleon say he hunted in Alaska?

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