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Can you name the cities near these Interstate highways?

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Forced Order
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A-New Orleans LA, B-Shreveport LA, C-Biloxi MSI-49
A-Dayton OH, B-Lexington KY C-Columbus OHI-64
A-Tampa, FL, B-Atlanta,GA, C-Mobile,ALI-4
A-Columbus OH,B-Washington DC, C-Knoxville TNI-40
A-Grand Forks ND, B-Bismarck ND, C-Aberdeen SDI-29
A-Eau Claire WI, B-Madison WI, C-Duluth MNI-35
A-Grand Rapids MI, B-Flint MI, C-Gary INI-69
A-Burlington VT, B-Lewiston ME, C-Nashua NHI-89
A-Baltimore MD, B-Arlington VA, C-Virginia Beach VAI-66
A-Boise ID, B-Seattle WA, C-Bismark NDI-84
A-Worcester MA, B-Hartford CT, C-Providence RII-95
A-Rutland VT, B-Boston MA, C-Albany NYI-87
A-Montgomery AL, B-Huntsville AL, C-Birmingham ALI-59
A-Phoenix AZ, B-Portland OR, C-Las Vegas NVI-5
A-Denver CO, B-Salt Lake City UT, C-Reno NVI-15
A-Jacksonville FL, B-Columbia SC, C-Nashville TNI-20
A-Kansas City MO, B-Tulsa OK, C-Memphis TNI-70
A-Lansing MI, B-Davenport IA, C-Milwaukee WII-94
A-Toledo OH, B-Ann Arbor MI, C-Cleveland OHI-75
A-Santa Fe NM, B-Austin TX, C-Glendale AZI-25

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