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I pity the fool who doesn't know the tallest mountain in Africa.

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What is the tallest mountain in Africa?
Who said 'I pity the fool'?
From where can you check out, but never leave?
Favelas are shanty towns in what country?
The mineral pyrite is commonly referred to as what?
What country borders San Marino?
What city celebrates the original Oktoberfest?
What's the biggest species of animal?
Who directed The Godfather?
Who crossed the Rubicon?
What major river flows through Paris?
What does HBO stand for?
What is Eminem's real name?
What's the counterpart of the Tropic of Capricorn?
More than a dozen US presidents belonged to what 'secret' society?
What country controlled Macau prior to 1999?
Where is Queen Elizabeth I buried?
Who was the second person to walk on the moon?
Who was born as 'Norma Jeane Mortenson'?
What shape are SpongeBob's pants?

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