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What is the Spanish word for bull?
Birds of a feather do what?
What's the capital of the Philippines?
Honolulu is located on what island?
What is the common name of the Aurora Borealis?
What is Magic Johnson's first real name?
What element has symbol Pb?
Who was John Lennon's 2nd wife?
What band recorded Carry On Wayward Son?
Thw West Bank is one Palestinian territory. What is the other one?
Who won the first American Idol?
Until the 1960's, Catholic mass was almost always delivered in what language?
What is the best-selling Swedish band of all time?
What kind of hat do the Shriners often wear?
Who is the leader of the evil Decepticons?
What is the name of the smallest animal in a litter?
What cartoonist created The Far Side?
What single word sounds like 'Youth in Asia'?
What city hosts the Rose Bowl?
Who founded Wendy's?

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