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Forced Order
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Vocab WordsDefinitionPart of Speech
A feature that contributes to physical comfort.Noun
Having a feeling of opposition or distaste.Adjective
So self-satisfied that one sees no need for change.Adjective
To decay.Verb
To supply the money for.Verb
To come out from a source.Verb
To picture is one's mind.Verb
Playfully or inappropriately humorous.Adjective
A false or mistaken idea.Noun
An uproar.Noun
An episode of complete calm.Noun
Scarcity; smallness in numbers.Noun
Full of tiny holes or spaces.Adjective
To replace.Verb
Real; able to be touched.Adjective
Vocab WordsDefinitionPart of Speech
Most important.Adjective
To show feelings of understanding.Verb
Any of the natural powers of the mind or body.Noun
Very distressing.Adjective
To damage.Verb
To reach a conclusion through reasoning.Verb
Knowing or sensing something without the use of reason.Noun
Plain to see.Adjective
A very slight change in feeling.Noun
Very destructive.Adjective
Comfort or relief in sorrow.Noun
A methodically and thoroughly written discussion of a topic.Noun
The popular fashion of the time.Noun

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