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Bruised hips from doin' the bump too much. Blue lips from slippin' the tongue too much.
They got supply if you got demand, they'd get a grand to the gram if they could decimate these other gangs.
She says it's good to get tan. She says it's bad to get burned.
Juanita, well I sold you out, got the pliers on my fingers and your name slipped out.
Your kisses taste just like Skoal Bandits. You're minty fresh and **** gorgeous.
I guess it all started in your apartment. I guess it all started in your apartment.
They did the hairnets, the cigarettes, The Bears into Sublet.
I'm like a pied piper, lead the kids to rats, lead the rats to the water. I'm turnin' teen into fiends, lead em straight to the slaughter. I got the stuff that gets em slippin' in
I got a picture of us as sophomores. I'm in a sportcoat. You're in a stupor.
Friends like the beach patrol. They got the muscles, you can hold the soul. She says she's waitin' on the steady type. Then she disappears with the eyepatch guy.
The Bud and the benzedrine **** with the fog machine. On and on in the break of dawn.
She said it looks like a bed, she said it felt like a blast. Woke up in the grass with the ass-less chaps.
This one goes out to all the shady transactors, the actors, the hangers-on.
Stranded on the couch with their Super Mario and the paper cut tongues from licking all the centerfolds.
I can see all the stains in your white tights, when you stand in the blacklights down at the Nice Nice
He keeps it in his mouth in those crazy chipmonk cheeks. I gave him fifty then his kissed me, spit a little treat between my teeth.
Told her all about the tighten up, the way they used to dance down in Houston, Texas.
Our teachers they call her Katrina, but really, when your speeding toward sunrise, Katrina's a bit much to say. Now we just call her K.
Smokin' weed and makin' money!
She said keep this in your backpack, carry it with double straps, keep these wings beneath your baseball hat, you look so cool like that. I want your autograph.
Even if you threw like Vida Blue I'd hit on you like Killebrew.
Famine, War, and Pestilance were sucking off their cigarettes. Death was just watchin'. Gettin' off to all the coughin'.
When classes start I'll quit, this is just some summer slippage.
One night Dwight got all goofy on the roofies, now they all call him the fiddler on the roof.
Here's everything I remembe, last dance and somebody must have slipped me a sherman. Bar band now they're bustin' out the beasts of burden.
Well your tonsels must have tasted like the Pine-Sol. In the back mackin' pack after pack of twenty menthols hocking up that New York City Kool.
We used to fight with our fists. We used to fight over chicks that we kissed at the flicks. People got pissed and they spit from the balcony
She came on like she wanted a kiss. Now she's kissing like she already came.
I'm nailed to the nightlife like Christ on the cross.
The flossy gangsters, the gangster floozies, so concerned to learn that movies are just movies. Bitchy rock bands, the rock band bitches...

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