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Can you name the Characters in Pulp Fiction?

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John Travolta
Samuel L Jackson
Tim Roth
Amanda Plummer
Eric Stoltz
Bruce Willis
Ving Rhames
Phil LaMarrShot in the face
Maria de Medeiros
Rosanna Arquette
Peter Greene
Uma Thurman
Duane Whitaker
Paul Calderon
Frank Whaley'What?'
Burr Steers
Bronagh Gallagher
Susan GriffithsRestaurant
Steve BuscemiRestaurant
Eric ClarkRestaurant
Joseph PilatoRestaurant
Brad ParkerRestaurant
Angela JonesCab Driver
Don Blakely
Christopher Walken'up my ass'
Carl Allen
Stephen HibbertLeather Clad
Julia Sweeney
Laura Lovelace'Garcon Means Boy'
Michael Gilden
Jerome Patrick Hoban
Gary ShorelleRestaurant
Lorelei Leslie
Brenda HillhouseButch's Mother
Chandler Lindauer
Sy Sher
Robert RuthCoffee Shop on TV
Rich Turneron TV
Venessia ValentinoPedestrian
Alexis Arquette
Linda Kayerandom death
Kathy Griffin
Quentin Tarantino'can you see a sign outside...'
Harvey Keitel
Karen Maruyama
Lawrence Bender

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