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What does Kramer yell when he wants jerry to turn on the water in his apartment?
What gift does Jack (Morty's friend) give Jerry?
What vegetable does Newman specifically hate?
What does Kramer get in his smoking settlement?
When Jerry gets busted for public urination where in his story about his (George's) parents was his father in prison?
One of Jerry's girlfriends has this lewd profession which Kramer enjoys?
What does Jerry yell as he steals the rye bread?
Kramer burns down who's cabin?
Where in Asia does Elaine have to go to find J. Peterman
In the Nazi episode what false names to George and Jerry assume?
What does Lloyd Braun tell George put him in the mental institution?
What is Kramer afraid of when he puts in the reverse peephole on his apartment door?
At Joe Mayo's party what 'job' does he give Jerry?
After Elaine, who does George try and give the sweater with the red dot to?
What stock do George and Jerry invest in?
Kramer's idea for a perfume?
What product does Kenny Bania do a comedy routine about?

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