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Forced Order
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What street does Lloyd stop to ask for directions on at the beginning of the movie?
What does Lloyd tell the woman with the accent he is supposed to be doing in 20 minutes?
What town are Lloyd and Harry from?
What is the first thing Harry pulls out of the food bag?
What does Lloyd say as he pulls up to Mary's house at the beginning?
What color is the interor of Lloyd's limo?
What are the three ways Lloyd talks about dying on the way to the airport?
On second thought, what might Mrs. Noogieburger want to do with her dogs?
What is Lloyd saying as he rear ends the car at the airport?
What airline does Mary fly to Aspen on?
The poster on the wall of Harry and Lloyd's apartment is of who?
According to Lloyd, when do they 'always freak out'?
What can be seen in the alley as Lloyd and Harry run from the 'Gas Man'?
What is the name of the magazine Lloyd loses his wallet buying?
What color is the 10 gallon hat Lloyd buys?
Why does Harry say Petey's head fell off?
Why does Harry originally not want to go to Aspen?
'Were not even through Connecticut yet...'
How much money does Lloyd make selling stuff before the trip?
What apartment does Billy the Blind Kid live in?
How much does a gallon of gas cost at the truck stop where they meet Seabass?
Who plays Seabass?
What is written on Seabass' hat?
Who was a major influence on the Beatles?
What is the title of the book the cashier at the truck stop restaurant is reading?
Why can't Lloyd 'stop once he starts'?
Who plays the cop that pulls Harry over?
What name does the cop call Lloyd?
What is Mary's mother's name?
'So he says do you love me and she says...?
What do Mary's breasts turn into in Lloyd's fantasy?
What kind of letter did Freida Felcher send Harry?
'According to the map we've only gone about...'?
Where does Joe 'Mental' Mentalino ask if Lloyd and Harry are going when they pick him up as a hitchhiker?
How many Native Americans do Lloyd and Harry pick up?
What does Harry use to relieve the burn of the atomic pepper?
What does Lloyd chant as he is giving Mental 'CPR'?
What is the name of the FBI agent who follows Harry and Lloyd to Aspen?
Instead of taking the exit towards Aspen, Lloyd heads toward what city?
What is the date and time Seabass shows up for 'manly love'?
Harry doesn't have the energy to start another state because he's been driving for how long?
'Look at the butt on that. Yeah....'
What hotel in Aspen to Harry and Lloyd check into?
What kind of car do they buy?
'Look at the fun bags on that hose hound, Yeah....'
What kind of nut does Lloyd order at the bar at the Preservation Dinner?
What is Lloyd going to do as he 'hangs by the bar'?
Lloyd tells Harry to brag about him to Mary by saying he is rich, intelligent, and has what?
What is the name of the lobby bar where Lloyd is supposed to meet Mary?
What state is on the sweater of the boy who watches Mary pull Harry's tongue off the pole?
How much laxative does Lloyd say is needed for fast effective relief?
What color is the toliet Harry destroys at Mary's house?
What news show, on at Mary's house, features a story about Billy the Blind Kid?
'When Lloyd Christmas drives a woman to the airport....'
What is Mr. Andre's first name?
Where does Andre schedule his getaway flight to?
What does he order as his meal on the flight?
'Harry, you're alive....'
How many shots does Lloyd fire at Mary's husband in his daydream?
What is the name of the tanning product the bikini girls are promoting at the end of the movie?
What beer do Lloyd and Harry drink throughout the movie?

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