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1919Von Stroheim played a Prussian officer seducing an American woman in the Alps. Was actually left intact by the studio
1920'Lost' film. Last of his films untouched by the studio before its release
1922Last of his 'trilogy of adultery.' Originally 5 1/2 hrs. cut down to just over 2.
1923Replaced during production by Rupert Julian. Last film with Univeral.
1924Originally 9 1/2 hr., The film was cut down to four before the studio cut it down to 2. Cut footage is lost.
1925Forced to cast MGM stars John Gilbert and Mae Murray, only minor cuts made for sexual content
1928Originally meant to be two parts, filming was stopped before finishing due to escalating budget and made into one film
1929Star Gloria Swanson prompted the firing of Von Stroheim midway through production. Released with tacked on ending.
1933After final cut was finished, studio head fired Von Stroheim and demanded reshoots w/other directors. Contains roughly 1/2 of what Von Stroheim shot.

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