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Forced Order
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Who is the first boss you have to face?
What character do you get in multiplayer mode for taking pictures of 15 fairies?
What is the first level after leaving DK isles?
What item is necessary to use the special ability?
What do you have to take pictures of?
What is the main item being collected? (There are 201 in the game)
What is Tiny fighting in the Donkey Kong Rap?
What color are Tiny's regular bananas?
Who sells the instruments?
What coin do you get for beating Jetpac?
What kind of gun does Donkey Kong have?
What is located inside the mouth of K. Rool's ship?
Which character helps out with blueprints and lives in the HQ?
What do you get for winning a battle arena?
If you complete this, you will get more time to complete hideout helm.
How many sets of transport pads are there in each level?
According to the rap, which Kong has a funny face?
How many slices make up a full watermelon?
Who is the large prisoner on DK isles?
Which two kongs are freed in the same level?
The Creepy Castle boss is a cut out of what?
In the arcade in Frantic Factory, who are you trying to save?
Who is the old ghost who gives the Kongs advice?
What is Chunky's instrument?
Which enemy do you have to kill to get blueprints?

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