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Less tender than the short loin but still full-flavored.
The marbled, larger end of the short loin.
Prized among steak lovers for its marbling and flavor.
Combines two popular steaks in one.
Cut from the top blade. Also good for getting rid of wrinkles.
Named after the 19th century restaurant that popularized this dish.
The name of this cut translates as tenderloin and it is the tapered, fork-tender end of the short loin.
Triangular-shaped portion of top sirloin.
Named for the shape of the bone running down the center of the steak.
Cut from ribs six through twelve, often contains a bit of gristle but is full of flavor.
This cut often is used for fajitas.
Often marinated to tenderize, then broiled and served thinly sliced.
This cut is part of the diaphragm that hangs between the ribs and the loin.
Sized to feed two or more people and traditionally roasted

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