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Which Irish player scored a late goal in Ireland's 2nd group game against Germany?
Who was Brazil's captain at the 2002 world cup?
How did South Korea beat italy in the knockout stages of the world cup? Normal time? penalties? or golden goal?
Germany beat Saudi Arabia 8-0 in the group stage? True or False?
Ireland were knocked out by which nation, on penalties?
Who were the holders of the world cup going into the 2002 world cup?
Which country scored the first goal in the 2002 world cup?
which player scored both goals in the world cup final?
South Korea finished in what place in the competition?
How many points did England get in the group stage?
England beat argentina by what score in the group stage?
Who won the world cup in 2002?
England were knocked out of the world cup by which nation?
which 2 countries hosted the world cup?
In which country was the final held? Korea or Japan?
who did brazil beat in the semi-final?
Which continent took most teams to the tournament?
How many points did France get in the group stage?
England were in a group with Nigeria, Argentina and which other country?
In the 3rd place playoff, the first goal was scored after how many seconds?

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