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ArtistSong TitleScholarly Lyric
OmarionI am in possession of an old-time refrigeration unit in the location where the muscle that pumps blood throughout my body should be found. I am at a very low temperature. Very low temperature. Very low temperature.
NellyHustler nectar! The only reason for which I am desired by her is to obtain my hustler nectar. I believe that it is time to release it freely. Release her freely. Release her freely.
Chris BrownShift your gaze in my direction promptly. I am receiving parchment. Shift your gaze in my direction promptly. I am in possession of more up-to-date fashion apparel than one who fornicates with his matriarch.
Wiz KhalifaThe complete combination of all existing colors in addition to the color used to make orange when combined with scarlet.
OutkastI express my truest regrest, single woman who shares the surname of our 7th president. I am about pure existance. At no point did I intend to force your female offspring to shed tears. I express my condolence in occurance of approximately one thousand billions.
Bubba SparxxxReturned to the wet-dirt sludge I have constantly found myself inside. I must admit, I am very chipper in this location. You would be hard-pressed to find any means to force me to eschew coming back at a later date.
KelisMy ice cream based desert beverage encourages all of the young men to enter the grassy enlcosure and all of them say that it is of a higher quality than one that you are capable of producing.
3 6 MafiaYou are aware that living is difficult in this area for a man who peddles flesh. During the interval in which he attempts to collect funds to pay the monthly bills for his domicile. Because the money for fancy cars and petroleum-based fule has been exhausted, there will be an abundance fo his female subordinates changing their allegiance.
Jay-ZGrand selling of women for sexual services! My collective are shelling out many thousands of dollars.
DJ KhaledA coupling of colorless, plastic drinking vessels hitherto I possess the liquid beverage! Might possibly be the combination of azure and sanguinness colors. Might possibly be more of a rosy hue.
Mike JonesIn years past, others had little desire for my person. At this point, I have become scorching, so their collective is completely interested in my doings.
ArtistSong TitleScholarly Lyric
Lil WayneThe attractive woman desires a man of sullied personal values. Glass drinking vessels defined by their elongated necks are located inside the discoteque.
Cali Swag DistrictThey ask me, Frictionless, are you capable of instructing me in the dance of young Douglas? Are you aware of the reasoning behind my request? Whereas all of the young females with loose sexual standards are enamored by my persona.
TIGreetings! Who am I? Loop of stretchy elastic adult male. As outlandish as the Islamist militant group that ruled parts of Afghanistan.
AkonThose other poeople refuse to allow me manumission. Refuse to allow me manumission. Refuse to allow me manumission. I am currently in shackles, and I have been unsuccessful in attempst to procure the keys.
Petey PabloThis action is done solely for the 12th state of the Union. Please follow us and advance in a vertically growing motion. Remove your cloth, chest covering and spiral it in a circular motion above your ranium, much like a rotory-wing powered flying machine.
Flo RidaThe attractive young woman had fashionable denim leggings made for women with curvaceous and voluptuous posteriors, mukluks with linings made of animal hide. The entirety of the discoteque had their sightlines affixed at that woman.
Childish GambinoYou become inebriated to the point of appearing slapdash. I remain an alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mas served singlely and un-mixed at room temperature. The posse in my possession is deserved to removal from air, oddities and techies.
Kanye WestI am not making the accusation that she would engage in romantic action solely for monetary motives, however the woman refuses to break bread alongside anyone with less than a substansial amount of captial.
Snoop DoggIn order for the female to receive an explosion due to coitus. In order for myself to receive an explosion due to coitus. In order for the collective of she and I to receive an explosion due to coitus.
SisqoThe woman was in possession of a backside resembling a cargo transportation vehicle, cargo transportation vehicle, cargo transportation vehicle. Flanks echoing...I beg your pardon? Beg your pardon? Beg your pardon? Young lady, churn your derriere, derriere, derriere. I believe I will serenade those words once more.

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