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Forced Order
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The psychiatrist's second initial.
Character who finds the most clues in the Twins Clueline.
Character who finds the Clocking-In Machine
Em's ex-boyfriend's full name.
Location which CAN be discovered by Sam.
The character with the most playable segments.
The character with the most determinant playable segments.
The character with the most different ways to die.
The character who cannot find any clues or totems.
One object that could be picked before being startled by Dr. Hill in the second session.
Emily's GPA.
Character described as methodical.
The Sheriff's name.
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The hair colour of the character who has a fear of the dark.
Only Wendigo who can live.
The last Butterfly Effect.
The character who has the first line in the game.
The character other than Josh to not have a dialogue which occurs regardless in the Credits if they are alive.
The first character who can fend off a Wendigo.
Character who spends the most time conscious in the mines.
The only character not to use a weapon.
Other possible name other than Despair.
Who reckons they can see a bear eating a fox?
A character who laughs in Josh's hallucinations in Chapter 10.
Name another female character by full name other than the protagonists, the Washington twins or Annie Cline.
Does the shovel break when Matt is hit?

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