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People In ItName of Memehint
Joseph DucreuxDisregard females, acquire currency
Kanye WestI'ma let you finish, but...
Catsserious cat is not amused with this quiz.
cake____ ____ ___ ____ ____, bitch
PokemonSometimes a communist.
xzibitI Heard you like meme references while you quiz, so we put memes in your quiz so you can reference while you quiz.
DennysYou can call me the ___________
Massimo Dalema, foreign minister of Italyused as a response to shocking info, or to show disbelief
People In ItName of Memehint
The masses being assesoffshoots include ___blog, ____boat, and more.
Two Mortal enemiesThe battle has escalated into a dodgeball game, shirts, and arguments the world over.
Rick Astleya link leads you to a music video instead of what you thought you were going to watch.
DavidIs... Is this real life?
Losersruined many a nice picture
Awsome PeopleMLIA
everyoneby answering, you just lost it.

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