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Can't pay attention to nothing, end of discussion, I just got that ___The White Noise LP
Asher Roth ain't the only college boy on this rappin ****...The White Noise LP
Like an evicted pet... get it? Cause if a pet was evicted, it uh, wouldnt have a leash on.... FORGET IT.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
The trouble's in my DNA, part of me.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
She the picture of perfection, lets start with that;; type to give elderly men a heart attack.The White Noise LP
It's another one of them smokin songs...The White Noise LP
Cause you know I'm spittin heat, everytime I hit the beat, cause I am a monstar, everyday I ___________.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
I can't go everyday with bein sober; It gets kinda hard tryin to deal with this devil on my shoulder.The White Noise LP
**** a record label, I don't need no help; actually I do, because I'm broke as hell.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
spittin and flippin', get em jumpin' like a wallaby. This ain't no Rocko's modern life, still these kids is watchin me.The White Noise LP

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