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Can you name the zombies weapons by Haiku?

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Change them to humans / Not the great of a weapon / Named like a robot
Classic zombies gun / First featured in World at War / Fire some green rings
Will freeze the zombies / Gives ability to fly / Overheats too fast
4 versions of this / Build by solving cryptic s*** / Totally worth it
Go back to round 6 / Useful for very high rounds / Used for easter egg
Shoots with three round bursts / Overshadowed a great gun / Ammo runs out quick
Named after a perk / Useful for taking out George / Gets weak way too fast
A black hole device / Sucks up the entire wave / Cannot buy off wall
Can be acidized / Bit of a dissapointment / Go fly to the bridge
Very small clip size / Required for hundred plus / Best weapon of all
Made by using soap / Able to also kill you / Use it sparingly
First in Shangri-La / Also called by Tesla Gun / Made by Richtofen
A 2-for-1 deal / Never stop instakilling / Enemies bloat up
Another classic / It lures the zombies away / Can mess up your train
Can't spell the first word / Just input the second word / These hints are no help

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