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Can you answer these 15 Star Wars questions in Two Minutes? All answers start with the letter O.

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Jedi introduced in 1977
Yoda performer Frank
Underwater Gungan metropolis
Jedi guardianship. Before the dark times. Before the Empire
Where Han 'ran into that bounty hunter'
Jabba's gal-pal who becomes Rancor snack
Poor fellow. He came out of lightspeed too close to the system
TPM Crawl- 'Taxation of trade routes to ______ star systems is in dispute'
Moniker for Episodes IV, V and VI
Tatooine and other planets far from Galactic Center ______ ____ territories
Uncle who wants Luke to be a farmer
Amidala's ship pilot Ric
Bail and Leia
Palpatine's directive to wipe out the Jedi
Poe actor Isaac

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