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Can you answer these 15 Harry Potter questions in Two Minutes? All answers start with the letter T.

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She made two real predictions- that should count for something
Class with Snuff Box Mice, Button Beetles, and Tortoise Teapots
Maybe should have been named the Quadwizard Quest
Girl's loo intruder, or a really bad test grade
Metamorphmagus Auror with a dislike of her first name
Neville's pet, seemingly lost more than his Remembrall
Imperiused Minister after Scrimgeour's demise
Leaky Cauldron proprietor
Weasley candy treat 'accidently' left at the Dursley's
Fluffy's phenotype
Nimbus 2000, Firebolt, and Cleansweep 7, OR Rosmerta's establishment
Dean, dumped by Ginny
The key to Hermione's 3rd year schedule and Sirius' rescue
Luna could see them long before Harry could
Ravenclaw DA member Boot

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