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Can you answer these 15 Harry Potter questions in Two Minutes? All answers start with the letters Q,X,Y or Z.

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HintQ,X,Y,Z Answer
Wizarding equivalent of a Muggle Bic
Wizarding supermarket tabloid
Johnson, Spinnet and Bell handled this ball
Shop where Harry first saw the Nimbus 2000
His occiput suffered from a terminal 'Bad Hair Day'
As popular at Hogwarts as High School Football in Texas
Hogwarts paved courtyard with battlements
He unwisely displayed an Erumpent Horm
Deatheater who urges Draco in the Astronomy Tower
First _____ get a boat ride on arrival at Hogwarts
Krum and Hermione's 'coming out' party
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes may put this competitor out of business
Locale of Harry's first display of Parseltongue
Slug Club Slytherin Blaise
Quirrell claimed the Turban was a gift for eliminating one of these

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