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Can you answer these 15 Harry Potter questions in Two Minutes? All answers start with the letter L.

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His prescription would have read: Wolfsbane Potion q 4 weeks
'Old Magic' that saved baby Harry
Harry had her eyes
Snape's skill used in Harry's disastrous 'private lessons'
Alliterative student intruder in Hall of Prophesy
Couple Bellatrix Cruciated into insanity
'Hang upside-down!' Spell
His only talent was Memory Charms.... with intact wands
Where Quirrell met Harry for the first time
Spell equivalent to turning on a flashlight/torch
With whom Arthur had fisticuffs in Flourish and Blotts
Ron's facesucking gal pal
Content of Romilda's Chocolate Cauldrons
Locale of 4 Privet Drive
Family in whose Gringotts vault was the Hufflepuff Cup

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