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Can you choose if these events occurred before or after January 1, 1980? Answer (A) for after, and (B) for before.

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Event(B)efore or (A)fter 1/1/1980
Iranians seize U.S. Embassy in Tehran
Argentina invades Falkland Islands
Tenerife Airport accident with KLM and PanAm 747 crash
First launch of Space Shuttle Columbia
MTV programming is launched
Camp David Accords are signed by Sadat and Begin
John Hinckley attempts assassination of President Reagan
John Paul II is elected pope
Premiere of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'
U.S. invasion of Grenada
First Susan B. Anthony Dollar is minted
Viking 1 lands on Mars
Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of UK
North American release of Pac-Man
'The Hunt for Red October' is published
First brain CT scan performed, London, England
First DeLorean DMC-12 produced
U.S. announces boycott of Moscow Olympics
Motorola DynaTAC 8000x cell phone launches on 1G network
First episode of 'Dallas' is aired

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