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Can you name the brand of product seen or mentioned on screen in Back to the Future

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1985 Brand of Coffeemaker in Doc's house
1985 Brand of canned dog food for Einstein
1985 Brand of dog treats for Einstein
1985 Football team seen on clockface in Doc's house
1985 Brand of Marty's skateboard
1985 Fast Food restaurant next to Doc's house
1985 Soft drink logo on Jeep driver's hat
1985 Drumset used by the Pinheads
1985 Electric keyboard used by the Pinheads
1985 Marty's electric guitar used with the Pinheads
1985 Advertisment on park bench (scene with Marty and Jennifer)
1985 McFly kitchen, brand of coffee
1985 Beer given to Biff
1985 Beer in McFly refrigerator and dining room table
1985 Peanut brittle brand
1985 Marty's soft drink at dinner
1985 Board game seen next to TV in McFly house
1985 Lorraine McFly's vodka
1985 Marty's clock radio
1985 Empty soda can in Marty's bedroom
1985 Department store prominently featured at Twin Pines Mall
1955/1985 Video Camera
1985 Control watch
1955/1985 tires on the Delorean
1985 The Libyan's car make
1985 Doc's van make
1955 One of two songs advertised outside record store
1955 Only Coke product mentioned
1955 Beer drunk by Marty's grandfather
1955 George McFly's sci-fi magazine
1955 Marty's portable cassette player
1955 Soda Marty gets from machine at service station
1955 Auto parts store on Main Street
1955 Billboard seen in background of skateboard chase scene
1955 Billboard seen in background of skateboard chase scene
1955 Make of car driven by Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
1955/1985 Financial Institute in Hill Valley
1985 Advertisement on park bench with sleeping drunk
1985 Brand of oil in back of Biff's Auto detailing truck
1985 Biff's green sweatsuit

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