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Can you name the Disney movie by a description of the main character?

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DescriptionMovie TitleCharacter Name
large feline sovereign
mythical half-human creature
cocker spaniel
homeless thief
Powhatan princess
pretty French girl
super canine
'half-made' man
big eared pachyderm
motherless deer
mistreated stepdaughter
wooden liar
flying boy
little girl that gets shrunk and enlarged
DescriptionMovie TitleCharacter Name
girl raised by fairies in disguise
spotted canines
future king, trained by famous magician
boy raised by wolves
sophisticated cat and her kittens
criminal fox
2 courageous mice, one American, one Austrian
fox with friendship issues
mouse version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character
a kitten in the company of dogs
female cross-dresser
orphan wildman
narcissistic llama
explorer's grandson
outcast girl and her weird 'dog'
Inuit hunter, turned into his prey

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