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Description of TermCriminology Term
this is known as the criminal act
When the death of a person involves negligence, this is called __________ malice
What does ViClas stand for?
1/4 Components of White Collar Crime
This form of sexual assault has the lowest level of reporting (hint, its a kind of rape)
A professional shoplifter is a
Predation is an example of a ________ of control, while exploitation is an example of an __________ of control.
ViClas matches _________________ on violent crimes around the country.
Three theories as to why criminal behavior occurs
This type of terrorism attempts to change government parties with ones of the terrorists' views
I have malice, I kill someone, and bam, I get caught.
Using computer technology for illicit gain such as fraud, or for moral crimes such as child pornography or stalking
This is the death instinct
Illegal acts that capitalize on a person's status in the marketplace
A government employee takes kickbacks from contractors in return for awarding them with contracts.
Since there are fluctuations in crime, this theory says that it's not the change in choice to commit crime, its the change in opportunity to commit crime.
'Its how things are done around here' (in the workplace)
1/4 Components of White Collar Crime
The critical analysis of communication and language in legal codes to determine how content causes racism or sexism to be institutionalized. It means 'reading between the lines'
An amateur pilferer with a high self regard
People have antisocial potential and these people with high levels of AP are at risk of long term criminal behavior
This type of rape involves aggression, degradation or torture
If you have this traits, you are in danger of becoming a career criminal, according to the Latent Trait Theory
This kind of terrorism targets the economy
This view deals with white collar crime as being the desire for quick, certain benefit with minimal effort.
In 1989 a tanker called ____________ spilled 500,000,000 litres of oil off the coast of Alaska and instead of going to trial they paid $1 billion dollars in fines.
Description of TermCriminology Term
If you have a poor family relationship at home, your criminal behavior is influenced by your work experience
Theft by employees through stealth or deception
Prior to 1983, if a man raped his wife, he could not be accused of rape because of this law.
1/4 Components of White Collar Crime
Identify three types of enterprise crime
Identify three Life-Course Theories
Disorganized Area, Improperly Socialized you face the risk of strain, and this will weaken the bonds you have with conventional society. This leads to seeking out deviant groups.
Crime committed by a gang
Criminal behavior is a rational decision made after weighing the pros and cons of committing the crime
When you have met a person before, and you rape them, its known as: (a more general term than date rape)
There are 5 domains in the GTCD
a crime of necessity
Killing occurs in the absence of provocation, you're not provoked to kill a bro, but you ice him.
Refers to violence that originates from employees or employers
Charles ___________ invented an investment scheme where investors are promised very high amounts of return on their money, so they give a lot of cash, but then the bro who organize
When you have never met a person before, and bam, you rape them, this is known as:
If a parent is really mean to their kid, and throws peanut butter at them, kicks them while they sleep or chirps them because of their lack of chest hair, the child is undergoing t
If there is an imbalance of control, this theory says criminal behavior will occur
The killing of three or more people within a period of at least a month, with a cooling down period. The motivation is psychological gratification.
The General Theory of Crime and Delinquency (GTCD) indicates that crime and __________________ are reciprocal of each other
Refers to killing two or more people within 24 hours with no cooling down period in multiple locations
When the driver of a car is forced out of the car
Children are socialized and develop bond with their families through percieved opportunity, degree of involvement in these activities, skill of these activities and feedback from p
These laws are designed to protect rape victims by prohibiting the defense attorney from inquiring about previous sexual relationships
If a rapist rapes someone with the goal of sexual conquest, desire for control and expression of manhood, this is called:
The Interactionist theory uses ____________ parental relationship strength during early adolescence, ______________ bonds during mid adolescence and _______________ and ___________
Description of TermCriminology Term
Illegal buying of stock in a company based on information provided by someone in the company
This type of terrorism promotes the interests of minority groups that feel they have been persecuted under majority rule
Theft with use of force
High coercion produces criminality.
Identify three Latent Trait Theories
A stock-broker rifling a customers account would be an example of
The killing of one person by another
A white collar crime in which a stock broker makes repeated trades to fradulently increase his or her commissions
This is the life instinct
This kind of rape is a discharge of pent-up anger and rage
Identify three Multi-Factor Theories
What are four kinds of rape?
Door-to-door sales of faulty merchandise is an example of
A crime of passion
1/4 Components of White Collar Crime
Crime of opportunity for financial gain that involve breaking regulatory rules but not personal victimization
I think about killing someone, and I have malice. I kill them and get charged with
This branch of conflict theory based on principles that promote increased understanding and a return to a condition of wholeness. This kind of criminology sees the state's efforts
This includes a wide variety of violent acts that have a political motivation, committed by a state against a state
An unlawful homicide without malice is known as
this is known as the intent
theft without use of force
Female crime is caused by male supremacy, subordination of women, male aggression, and men control females sexually
A type of larceny that involves taking the possessions of another that have been placed in possession for safekeeping

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