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Which of the Following is included in the aggregate demand for goods and services? A. consumption demand... B. investment demand... C. net exports... D. all the above are correct
When the price level falls, the quantity of... A. consumption goods demand rises, while the quantitiy of net exports demanded falls... B. consumption goods demanded the quantity of
As the price level falls... A. the exchange rate falls, so net exports fall... B. The exchange rate falls, so net exports rise... C. the exchange rate rises, so net exports fall...
From 2001 to 2005, there was a dramatic rise in the price of houses. If this made people feel wealthier, then it would shift... A. aggregate demand right... B. aggregate demand lef
The long-run aggregate supply curve shows that by itself a permanent change in aggregate demand would lead to a long-run change... A. in the price level output... B. in the price l
over the last 50 years both real GDP and prices have trended upward in most countries. Continuing real GDP growth and inflation can be explained by... A. continuing technological p
The sticky-wage theory of the short-run aggregate supply curve says that when the price level rises more than expected, A. production is more profitable and employment rises... B.
An increase in the expected price level shifts the... A. short-run and long-run aggregate supply curves left... B. the short-run but not the long-run aggregate supply curve left...
Economic expansions in Germany and Japan would cause... A. the U.S. price level and real GDP to rise... B. the U.S. price level and real GDP to fall... C. the U.S. price level to r
Refer to figure 33-1. An increase in the money suppply would move the economy from C to... A. B in the short run and long term... B. D in the short run and the long run... C. B in
In recent years, the Federal Reserve has conducted policy by setting a target for the... A. size of the money supply... B. growth rate of the money supply... C. federal funds rate.
People choose to hold a smaller quantity of money if... A. the interest rate rises, which causes the opportunity cost of holding money to rise... B. the interest rate falls, which
In the graph of the money market, the money supply curve is... A. vertical. it shifts rightward if the Fed buys bonds... B. vertical. it shifts rightward if the Fed buys bonds... C
according to liquidity preference theory, if the price level decreases, then... A. the interest rate falls because money demand shifts right... B. the interest rate falls because m
if the Federal reserve decided to lower interest rates, it could... A. buy bonds to lower the money supply... B. buy bonds to raise the money supply... C. sell bonds to lower the m
if the stock market crashes, then... A. aggregate demand increases, which the Fed could offset by increasing the money supply... B. aggregate demand increases, which the Fed could
If MPC = 3/5, then the government purchases multiplier is... A. 5/3... B. 5/2... C. 5... D. 15
Refer to Figure 34-4. A shift of the money-demand curve from MD2 to MD1 is consistent with which of the following sets of events? A. the government cuts taxes, resulting in an incr
Which of the following correctly explains the crowding-out effect? A. an increase in government expenditures decreases the interest rate and so increases investment spending... B.
If households view a tax cut as temporary, then the tax cut... A. has no affect on aggregate demand... B. has more of an affect on aggregate demand than if households view it as pe
The short-run Phillips curve shows the combinations of... A. unemployment and inflation that arise in the short run as aggregate demand shifts the economy along the short run aggre
In the late 1960s, economist Edmund Phelps published a paper that... A. argued that there was no long-run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment... B. disproved Friedman's cla
Refer to figure 35-3. In this order, which curve is a long-run Phillips curve and which is a short-run Phillips curve?... A. A, B... B. A, D... C. C, B... D. none of the above is c
An increase in expected inflation shifts... A. long-run phillips curve right... B. the short-run Phillips curve right... C. neither the short-run nor long-run Phillips curve right.
Friedman and Phelps concluded that...A. in the long run the Phillips curve is downward sloping, which is consistent with classical theory... B. in the long run the Phillips curve i
A policy intended to reduce unemployment by taking advantage of tradeoff between inflation and unemployment leads to... A. both higher inflation and higher unemployment in the long
An adverse supply shock will shift short-run aggregate supply... A. left, making prices rise... B. right, making prices rise... C. left, making prices fall... D. right, making pric
If there is an adverse supply shock, then... A. unemployment rises and the short-run Phillips curve shifts right... B. unemployment rises and the short-run Phillips curve shifts le
The sacrifice ratio is the... A. sum of the inflation and unemployment rates... B. inflation rate divided by the unemployment rate... C. number of percentage points annual output f
If people believe that the central bank is going to reduce inflation... A. the short-run Phillips curve shifts right and the sacrifice ratio will rise... B. the short-run Phillips

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