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What is Al Bundy's biggest accomplishment?
In the city championship who did Al run over to score the game winning touchdown?
What superbowl winning QB went to Al's High School
What high school did Al attend?
What is Al's occupation?
Where does Al work at?
What football position did Al play in high school?
What is Al's go to move when sitting on the couch?
What year did Al win high school MVP?
Who did Al give his game winning football to?
What are Al's two kids names?
What show is married with children an antithesis of?
What is Al's son named after?
Who is the actor that plays Al Bundy?
What school did Al play against for the city championship?
What is Al's favorite TV show?
What are the names of Al's two dogs?
What is Al's favorite magazine?
What is Al's least favorite thing to do?
What city does Al live in?

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