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Can you name the word missing from the long form of these abbreviations?

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Hypertext ______ LanguageHTML
Read, Eval, _____ looprepl
JavaScript ______ NotationJSON
Top _____ DomainTLD
World Wide Web __________W3C
Digital ______ ManagementDRM
_______ Management SystemCMS
_____ Area NetworkLAN
Problem Exists Between Keyboard and _____PEBCAK
HyperText _______ ProtocolHTTP
___________ Programming InterfaceAPI
_____ First SearchDFS
_______ First SearchBFS
Java _______ MachineJVM
Don't Repeat ________Dry
______ Per SecondFPS
Content Delivery _______CDN
Virtual _______ NetworkVPN
________ and DragonsD&D
World Wide _________ ConferenceWWDC
________ Development KitSDK
Near _____ CommunicationNFC
Wi-Fi _________ AccessWPA
Scalable ______ GraphicsSVG
American Standard Code for Information ___________ASCII
Keep it ______, StupidKISS
Artificial ____________AI
Model, ____, ControllerMVC
Amazon ___ ServicesAWS
Domain ________ LanguageDSL
_______ Link LibraryDLL
Request For ________RFC
Redundant _____ of Inexpensive Disks RAID
Uniform Resource ________URL
Uniform Resource __________URI
Uniform Resource ____URN
Universal ______ BusUSB
Secure ______ LayerSSL
___ over IPVoIP
Simple ____ Transfer ProtocolSMTP
______ of ServiceDOS
Berkely Software ____________BSD
__________ Development EnvironmentIDE
Internet Engineering ____ ForceIETF
___________ and Communication TechnologyICT
Internet Service ________ISP
Digital __________ LineDSL
Document ____ DefinitionDTD
Unified _________ LanguageUML
Universally ______ IdentifierUUID

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