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a group of individuals that are examined
a smaller group of individuals selected ans. 1
sampling methods that over/under emphasize certain characteristics
Make sure that the sample looks like the rest of the population
Amount of people from ans. 2
Sampling an entire population
Parameter used in a model for population
Any summary found in the data
Reflects the corresponding parameter accurately
A combination of people who have an equal chance of being selected
List of individuals from the sample that is drawn
Different values for the variables that are measured
A population sliced into homogeneous groups
Random sampling before the results are combined for each group
Populations split to be representitive
Performing a census for ans. 15
Sampling schemes that combine several methods
When the order of the list does not affect the responses
A trial run of a survey you eventually plan to give a larger group
A large group of individuals that are invited to respond
Result from ans. 20 that invalidates the survey
Individuals that are convienent to sample
When a portion of the population isn't sampled or has a smaller representation then it has in the population
What causes the survey to be invalidated by those who don't respond
Observing choices
Studying past data
Identifying subjects in advance and collecting data as in unfolds
A study of a cause and effect relationship
A variable that manipulates something in the experiment
Humans that are experimented on in an ans. 28
Specific Values that the experimenter chooses
What are the group of subjects refered to?
What are the combinations of specific levels from all the factors that an experimental unit recieves?
When the differances are strong enough to support one being different than the other?
What is it called when you don't tell the participants what they are doing?
What is it called when both classes are not aware who is doing what?
What is a fake treatment
The effects of a fake treatment
When you pair subjects
What's it called when one factor is associated with the levels of another

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