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brain teasers
What word is usually spelled wrong?
What's the last letter of the alphabet?
Whats one and one?
What's one by one?
How many letters are in the alphabet?
In leap years, what's the 234th day?
Unscramble this: uttisteni
True or false: this statement's false.
True or false: this statement's true
'.-- .... .- -?'
What's 'einsteinium's atomic #?
If you're inquisitive, you're ______
What color is my red wagon?
Plane crashes. Where're survivors buried?
10=3 3=5 5=4 4=?
brain teasers
red truck...
Can a match box?
This is question __
A man, a plan, a canal...
OTTFFSSENT... what's the next 6?
What year was Hawaii made a US state?
This question is the

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