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Can you name the probabilities for choosing these outcomes?

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Drawing one card from a regular deck
P(Higher than a 10) 
P(Red card) 
P(Not lower than a 5) 
P(Not a black 3) 
P(Black card or higher than a Jack) 
P(Not a diamond) 
P(Not a Heart and higher than a 7) 
P(Queen of diamonds and a King) 
P(King or red 3) 
Rolling 2 fair dice
P(Sum of 6) 
P(Sum of 3 or 9) 
P(Sum of less than 9) 
P(Sum of more than 1) 
P(Both rolls the same) 
P(Difference of 2 between the rolls) 
P(Sum a factor of 24) 
P(Product of 12 and sum of 7) 
P(Difference of 1 and sum of more than 5) 
P(Sum of 2) 
3 fair coins tossed
P(Not 3 heads) 
P(At least two tails) 
P(Equal number of heads and tails) 
P(Not more than 1 tail) 
P(First 2 tosses are different) 
P(Not 2 heads and 1 tail) 
P(3 tails) 
P(First and last toss the same or 1 head) 
P(Not a head in the middle toss) 
P(Less than 5 heads) 
Drawing two cards from a standard deck with replacement
P(Exactly 1 Queen) 
P(Both a diamond) 
P(One black card and one heart) 
P(An ace or a King appears) 
P(Both cards are different) 
Toss 4 fair coins
P(2 heads and 2 tails) 
P(All the same) 
P(Exactly 3 of either heads or tails) 
P(No consecutive tosses the same) 
P(An odd number of heads) 

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